A New Year’s Resolution

Try to approach the year ahead as I approach each moment… 
Connecting with the world before me. 
Immersing myself in the world that immerses me. 

Why Put Chang’s Hermitage on the Cover?

A friend of mine asked me why a poem by the Chinese poet Tu Fu is posted on the front of this site, so I thought perhaps others may be curious about that as well. And the answer is that I’ve loved this poem for many years… it’s long been one of my all-time favorites… and it stimulates a kind of merged physical, spiritual, intellectual response in me when I read it.

A Baker’s Dozen

Thirteen years. There are so many different ways to think about this number. Some people think of it as unlucky. But me… I’ve decided to think about it as a sort of calendar of possible events. A Baker’s Dozen worth of opportunities to experience the world I now inhabit.