man love poetry chapbook

man love… memories of growing up male in rural america

This chapbook collection of short narrative poetry provides a memoir-type glimpse of life growing up on a small Kansas farm in the 1950s and ’60s and how those influences and experiences played out in the years and the relationships that followed.

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Repairing Shattered Glass

Repairing Shattered Glass is a collection of poems that were written over a period of three decades, beginning in high school and continuing through college and the beginning of my professional career.

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Planting A Future: Profiles from Oregon's New Farm Movement

Planting A Future: Profiles from Oregon’s New Farm Movement

The farmers profiled in this book are working to heal our earth, strengthen and free our seeds, provide humane care to our animals, and raise wholesome, organic food to nourish our families.

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Winemakers of the Williamette Valley

Winemakers of the Willamette Valley: Pioneering Vintners from Oregon’s Wine Country

This collection of profiles showcases the stories of eighteen of Oregon’s extraordinary winemakers. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of the winemakers who agreed to sit down with me and tell their stories.

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