early application for my next lifeThis is the final poetry chapbook within my Pattern and Form trilogy, which works with the (mostly) traditional sonnet, waka, and acrostic forms. With this set, my sonnets observe both my own life and the wider society and world within which we all live. The end of the individual is acknowledged, but the flow of life continues, and for it to continue successfully, we will benefit from taking a closer look at the challenges we all must face together.

The examples of the waka form in this collection are a bit more traditional than some from my earlier work, and as such, nature is front and center. The poems embrace both the joys and sorrows of life through observations of every day scenes from the garden and reflections on life’s natural flow.

With the acrostics in this final set, I have turned my attention to some of the more difficult moments and challenges in my life, and make an effort to accept them, learn from them, then let go and move on. I’m including one example from each form below.


     Early Application For My Next Life 

Understanding that the competition
will be fierce, I decided to apply
early for my next life. This one’s near done.
So using what’s left to help clarify 

my desires for the decision makers,
whoever they are, can’t hurt my chances.
And, of course, I’ll need to delineate
all my credentials. Kindness increases 

the odds of early acceptance I’ve heard,
so I’ll stress that for sure. And continue
my advanced studies in compassionate
joy (night class has evolved my point of view).

Financial assistance is not required,
but a quiet room’s a must when I’m tired.


         house hunting

a couple young crows,
shopping for a neighborhood,
ponder my offer.
move from arbor to bird bath,
brush beaks; choose to keep looking. 


            When I Lost My Way

What year it was when I finally
Had to admit I had lost my way
Evidently never became part of my scar…
Never left its indelible mark on my heart.

I do remember I was young. College years… 

Learning to make my way in a world I could
Only pretend to care about because I could not
See any honesty in it. I could not feel any
Truth in what I had always been told. 

My heart was open. I was looking for love.
Yet none appeared that I could believe in.

What saved me was cutting my boat loose.
Allowing myself to begin to freely drift through
Years of searching for the life I feel here now.