The Clarity and the Fog

This chapbook collection of poetry is the second in my work with traditionally structured poems– sonnet, waka, acrostic –which began with my last chapbook, aptly named “Pattern and Form.”

Pattern and Form

A chapbook collection which contains three poetic forms — sonnet, waka, acrostic — that attempt to impart the flow of life within the Patterns and Forms that both confine and define our experience of it. 

The End of Love

After finishing my “man love” chapbook, I wanted to write something new. I eventually settled on a group of prose poems that reflect the changing light of life’s end game, and have constructed a chapbook using them.

The Art of Shoveling

I’m the best shoveler I know. Seriously. At age sixty-seven I can out shovel pretty much anyone. But becoming a prodigious shoveler was not the dream to which I aspired as a youth.

Contemplating Nevada

Nevada D. Holmes was my grandmother’s maiden name… she was my dad’s mom. I remember her as a small, quiet, proper old woman who required quiet behavior inside and controlled behavior outside.