The Lamp

the-lampTHE LAMP is a family comedy based in the Pacific Northwest about frustrated 30-something Matt James, a guy who needs help figuring out what’s important in life. Help arrives when he discovers the long-lost Aladdin’s Lamp, and 12-year-old Albert (Al) Laddin and his 13-year-old sidekick Jeannie show up to grant Matt his wishes.

Al and Jeannie are filling in for their parents who aren’t available for this mission, and they have strict instructions to not get emotionally involved with their clients. But when Al and Jeannie become friends with Matt’s wife, Emma, they decide to do their best to keep Matt from venturing into the dark side of unlimited power and opportunity.

THE LAMP is a story for everyone — young and old, male and female — about the importance of loyalty and honesty, and the value of friends and family.


Category: Screenplays