Remembering Sarah

remembering-sarahThe life of a middle-aged author kicks into high gear when he begins to fall for his son’s twenty-something girlfriend.

It had been years since once-successful author Edgar Jules had written anything of note. Now, most days find him passing time with old high-school pals Frank and Glenn at Frank’s neighborhood tavern. Edgar was going nowhere fast… until the night his son’s girlfriend, Ashley, walked into the bar and into Edgar’s life.

Ashley wants to be a writer, and an opportunity to learn from a seasoned pro has her arranging all sorts of reasons for the two of them to spend time together. Resistant at first, Edgar gradually came to enjoy their outings, much to the chagrin of Edgar’s son, Peter, and Edgar’s two tavern sidekicks.

Working together, Peter, Frank and Glenn develop a scheme to replace Ashley with one of Edgar’s old flames, Sarah Bradley, a woman for whom Edgar continues to hold romantic feelings.

No one expected Ashley and Sarah to become fast friends. Nor did anyone foresee the relationship changes that were about to transpire.

REMEMBERING SARAH is one man’s journey along a path of rediscovery… with many bumps in the road.


Category: Screenplays