Planting A Future: Profiles from Oregon’s New Farm Movement

  • Planting A Future: Profiles from Oregon's New Farm Movement

Meet the Future of Real Food

If you care about food, you care about farmers. But the farmers profiled in this book are not the corporate agribusiness people who put money and politics above health. These folks are working to heal our earth, strengthen and free our seeds, provide humane care to our animals, and raise wholesome, organic food to nourish our families.

This group of Oregon farmers and farm supporters reflects the diversity of people, both young and old, who are reshaping our food system and reclaiming our right to eat well. In their stories you will hear how they came to be where they are, learn something about the challenges they face, and share their happiness at the successes they’ve enjoyed thus far.

America’s new farm movement is driven by a desire to do good, and somehow make a living at the same time. As you will learn, it’s not an easy path, but what worthwhile path is? As a reader, you will learn about the world they live in. As an eater, you can choose to help them, and those like them, continue their work. And as a gardener or future farmer, you can join them in making our world a better place to live.

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Planting a Future: Profiles from Oregon’s New Farm Movement will be serialized on the website, where I will be blogging on sustainable farming in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Check out my first blog post.

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Author Notes

Writing this book was a labor of love. Elizabeth Miller of Minto Island Growers asked me if this was my passion project, and the question caught me a bit off guard initially. I’d never thought of myself as someone who was actually passionate about anything. But as the question began to sink in, I realized this was my passion… working to help bring back family farming and farm life. Growing healthy food from healthy soils. Caring about animals and raising them humanely. Saving and sharing seeds. I still have a hard time calling it a passion, but I think that’s probably my age and my upbringing… but regardless, it’s something I care about a great deal.

It was an honor for me to meet all of the farmers and farm supporters profiled in this book. This is a remarkable group of people. And traveling to meet and talk with them took me to many places in Oregon I had not yet visited, like Gaston, Brownsville, Junction City. When I started, I wanted to visit Winter Green Farm, but I thought it would be quite a drive to go all the way to Noti. Little did I realize that Noti was nothing compared to Applegate. That was a long journey. But so worth it. I got to visit the place that had just voted to prohibit GMO seeds. What strength and vision that took.

All in all, this process took about a year from start to finish. The outcome is a collection of interviews I’m pleased with. And I hope you enjoy getting to know these folks. They’re good people.

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