a brief look at my writing life

I’ve always written. When I was very young, it was letters. I had pen pals galore. I loved writing letters, but I especially loved getting letters back.

During high school, I discovered poetry. And in that brief eternity of illumination, standing at the doorway opened by a few unassuming lines from Sidney Lanier, I fell. Perhaps into love, but certainly into myself. And my fall picked up speed during college. I fell into poetry with my whole heart and mind and spirit. My attempt to live a poetic life consumed me… almost literally. But eventually I recovered enough to make it through school… studying creative writing.

After college I got a job as a business writer to pay for my life and my family. By now, I think I have written in virtually every format used by American business, from speeches to scripts to magazines to interactive media. I don’t know if that’s good or not, but it has been interesting, enabling me to travel extensively and forcing me to become versatile and learn to meet deadlines.

Over the past decade, I have renewed my relationship with the more sincere forms of creative writing. As one might expect, the roots of my effort are not visible, but some of the fruit can be found on this website. I am happy to be writing, which is fortunate, because I can’t seem to stop it from happening.

Highlights & Awards

First Place: Theme Category – Oregon Poetry Association, Fall 2015 Poetry Contest

Conference Director: 2016 Willamette Writers Conference

Communications Director: Willamette Writers Board of Directors

Poetry Editor: The Timberline Review

Non-Fiction Book: Planting A Future: Profiles from Oregon’s New Farm Movement

Non-Fiction Book: Winemakers of the Willamette Valley: Pioneering Vintners from Oregon’s Wine Country

Semi-Finalist – Screenwriting: Willamette Writers FilmLab

Second Place – Poetry: Kay Snow Writing Contest

Best of Portland Screening – Screenwriting: 48-Hour Film Project

Third Place – Screenplay: Kay Snow Writing Contest

Poetry Collection: Repairing Shattered Glass

First Place: William Herbert Carruth Memorial Poetry Competition